Update on the gown ...and the nightmare it brings

Posted on Sunday, December 25, 2011

It is December 25! Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Hope the joy of Christmas brings you joy, happiness, and hope for the upcoming new year ^_^

Actually, I'm not going to talk about Christmas or Christmas Eve in this post. Rather, I want to talk about my bad-dreams that I just had.

In real life, since my wedding is still around 10 months to go, I asked my bf to send photo of the gown by Monique Lhuiller to the acquaintance bridal owner and see if she could find anything similar from abroad and get it for me. She said she can and she already have it! She asked for my measurement and she said that I have to be sure that that dress is what I want, because once she purchased it that is the gown that I have to wear. It instantly worries me a bit, what if in the next months I changed my mind, what if I don't want that style anymore... But I have to make a decision, so I said I'm sure *with finger crossed*.

Tonight I had a bad dreams. No, two bad dreams actually.

First. In my dreams, me and my dad going to see the acquaintance bridal. The place is hard to find and it is located in a fresh market (read: pasar) >_< And when we finally found it, my dad asked the owner how much it is. She said it is 14mio just for the dress. My jaw dropped, because in real life the dress doesn't cost that much and it is already including make up for 5 peoples!

Second. It is our wedding day! Everything is messed up. First, we haven't met our wedding organizer (WO) at all including NO technical meeting whatsoever. And they said don't worry because they know what we want. Crazy! Next, it is 8.30 pm when I & husband finally go down to the party (because we were busy having technical meeting from 7 o'clock). The party was supposed to go from 7-9 pm, so when we got there there were only few guests... the room is too big and seems empty. Where are my friends and relatives?? No one come??? I got so worried I could cry. Not long after our entrance, the crazy WO people told us to go back in to the hotel room again to give teapai. Meaning, we left our own party!!! And in that teapai, my bf (of course in that dream is the husband now), only wear his old-worn out T-shirt. He said it is ok since it's only teapai. I also realized that my make up is baaaaad. Too plain for a bridal make up. And then I woke up.


Bad dreams.... (ketok-ketok meja tiga kali)


Souvenir Ideas (2)

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boss is not around. Time for blog-walking.. =D

I visit Daniel & Dian blog. I love the way she wrote the story and it made me think of writing my blog in Indonesian. It is going to be easier to write, easier to express the words, and.. well just easier. But hey, I already start in english, so english it is! Besides, who knows my friends from Aussie / Malay / Sgp read this *wink wink*.

I read the story when Dian went hunting for souvenir, and this story makes me wonder.

So far I never really think about souvenir. I thought ANYTHING can be used as souvenir. People usually do not use the wedding souvenir anyway, unless it is food which of course eatable. The only wedding souvenir that I used from all so many wedding I've been is a milk-mug and a bath towel. Why did I say it is a milk-mug? because it is too big for tea or coffee, and it is not a glass for drinking juice or water. So it is a milk-mug. The bath towel is from by boss' wedding, which seems to be expensive. Other souvenir like chopstick, magnets, small glass, keychain, candles... I'm sorry, but I didn't know where they are right now =P

The 'Milk-mug'

One souvenir that I think is kinda stupid *sorry* is a plant. Yes, it is for go-green.. whatever.. Think of this, from hundreds of plants that they give away as souvenir, how many do you think will survive? Especially if it is a cactus. First, Chinese people believes that cactus brings a bad fengshui into the house, I'm not sure why but perhaps because it has lots of thorns. Second, it is a cactus. Helloww,, Jakartaa... hot... humidd... and it's a cactuss!!! D'ocH!!

Back to the main story. Now we have to decide whether we want something easy and simple (read: people will discard it or give to their maid) or we want something useful (read: probably will be expensive). Unless, if we could find something useful that is not expensive. Bare in mind that both of us have little-to-no creativity. So no DIY stuff!

think.. mel... think... *Pooh's style*


Photographer. Finally decided!

Posted on Monday, December 19, 2011

We finally had a deal with the photographer. We decided to use Lucephotography. We took the whole package that includes:
1. Prewedding photos 50 pose eddited (1day indoor and outdoor)
2. Wedding photos 100 pose eddited (1 main photographer, 1 candid photographer)
3. Wedding Video 1 dvd HD quality (2 videographer)

- Prewedding photos in a Magazine style (50 new pose eddited) << I love this!
- Upgrade album photos sizes
- 5 small canvas photos for photo display
- Prewedding clip (1 song duration)

I asked for same-day-edit video or photos but they charged me another Rp. 1 mil >_<
It is only 1 song duration which is 3 to 4 minutes, and they asked for 1 mil?? come on! So, I immediately say no =P

Now I cannot stop thinking about the theme for our prewed pics!
What dress should I wear, what shoes, should I buy or use a rental?
Where should we go? Is it going to be fun or classy?
arrrr.. I can't waitttt

Oh wait, I can wait.. I need time to get rid of all this fat hanging around my tummy.. *hufff*

-a little story-
Before I decided to use Luce, I went to see Viure photography. I saw the photos from the web and decided to see the place since it is located not too far from my place. Love the photos (they are good in playing with colors). Love the videos. Love the clips. Hate the price. End of story ha ha ha..


Weddingku Wedding Fair

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9 - 11 December 2011 - Wedding Fair Exhibition at JCC.

I went there on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I got nothing. Me and bf almost booked a Photo Booth to be used as a souvenir, but apparently it wasn't a good idea for old people who most likely to be our guests (read: family and friends of parents). So we ended up with nothing.

On Saturday we were back at the exhibition together with my parents. And we got a DECOR!
We decided to use decor by Golden Decoration. We chose Golden because it is the decorator for my cousin's wedding 2 years ago. I think they has done a good job within a reasonable price too! Plus they offers a good term of payment :) When I asked my cousins about them, he said that they are good in communication but they are quite busy. Hey, who don't?! As long as they can be contacted it is good enough for me :)

Now move on to Photographer. To cut budget, we were thinking of using professional photographer only for the D-day and D-day videographer. And for pre-wedding we will use bf's brother who love and learning photography. Of course it is only a hobby for him, so he is still amateur :p. We think that pre-wedding is not that important, and besides we will get studio pre-wedding photo from the bridal. Butttttttt, we fell in love with one photographer that we met during the exhibition. He has package for Pre-wed, D-day, and D-day videography. Of course it doesn't come cheap. I tried to bargain with the owner but he only gave me 20%, which is the discount he gave at the exhibition, hiks.

I was thinking to meet him and do some more face-to-face bargain this Saturday. Hope he will give more discounts or bonuses.
Cek out Lucephotography on Facebook. What do you think?


Wedding Gown

Posted on Monday, December 5, 2011

With 11 months to go, I've visited 4 bridals:
1. May - May Bridal, Taman Anggrek
2. Yohannes Bridal, Muara Karang
3. The Acquaintance Bridal
4. JJ Bridal, Kelapa Gading

and yesterday I tried a wedding gown for the very first time in my life.
I felt... nothing...
and then I felt worry... what if there is no gown that I like.. especially that the bridal is most likely from my bf's mom's friend. I cannot say that I didn't like it as open as if it is from other bridal that has no connection to anyone involved. Let's call it "The acquaintance bridal".
and now I felt... whatever...

I want simple top with no bows or too much crystal (payetan), the bottom part textured but soft and flowy, and with no long tail; exactly like the picture below.

Dress by Monique Lhuiller

I only tried gown from JJ. There is one that I liked similar to what I want, but the priceeee.. ohhh the priceeee.. >_<


Choosing The Venue: Chosen!

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The venue is finally chosen!


It is in a 4 star Hotel in North Jakarta *let's not spoil the fun of telling where it is =D*

Funny how we didn't choose the place based on all the places I have posted before. Other places are either too small, too close, too crowded, or too expensive! But this one is perfect! The location is not too far or not too close to my house, and people are generally should know the place. The parking space is huuuuuuggeeee and I'm not even exaggerating. The ballroom is very spacious. With a 9 m ceiling x 30 m length, it could be split into 3 smaller rooms, and if merge together can handle up to 1500 persons. What I love abut it is even for 600 persons we still can have the whole ballroom. We even think of using 2 merged rooms because we think it's too large. We'll see how it goes after discus with the decor & WO people.

Here is the sneak peak of the ballroom. My dad captured it during other people's wedding =P

It's only a matter of decor now..


Choosing The Venue (4)

Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Choosing the Venue still continues!!

Next is Alila Hotel and Red Top Hotel. Both are located at Pecenongan district, Central Jakarta.

1. Alila Hotel
Alila is a nice new hotel with minimalist design. The ballroom size is medium size for 400 persons standing + 500 persons standing at the hall (full carpets). Unfortunately the parking spot is so limited that the guests will most likely to have trouble finding out where to park. They should've thinking about this before opening up a hotel!

Alila ballroom

2. Red Top Hotel
The ballroom is huge, could fit up to 1500 persons standing, but they could divide it to two rooms for 600 and 400 persons. The price is reasonable also. The hotel lobby is comfortable with lots of sofas, plus they have 3 storeys parking lot + additional parking spot outside the hotel. Nice!

Red Top Ballroom
We will consider this as our option :)


Choosing The Venue (3)

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another venue review, apparently we have not stop searching..

1. Hotel Peninsula
The ballroom size is big enough for 800 persons standing. The strong point is the chandelier which I think is very nice. But the hotel itself looks quite old. The ballroom's wall and carpet looks a little worn. Also the carpet on the lobby looks a little dirty. The hotel has a club/bar which offers hourly room rate. Hmm...
The wedding package price is quite high, it is around Rp200mil for 600 persons standing.

Peninsula's Ballroom

2. Hotel Santika, Slipi
The location is a little bit out of sight. And the hotel from the outside looks empty. But when I get inside I got surprised by the nice view of the lobby and restaurant. It was Wednesday at 9 PM, and there was singer, baby grand piano, and another instrument playing jazz. Nice. The ballroom looks "just-OK". I prefer the chandelier at Peninsula Hotel, but overall from the lobby view and restaurant, plus the price that is still below Rp150mil nett, this is far better than Peninsula.

Santika Restaurant which connected to hotel lobby

3. Sentral Restaurant Ballroom
This is a new building in Season City complex, North Jakarta. It has 3 floors. The first one is used as restaurant, the 2nd floor is a ballroom, and the 6th floor is the grand ballroom. The price of all is still below Rp100mil for 600 persons standing buffet. The food is the same as Sentral Tomang, which is a very plus point for it. I love Sentral's food. Almost everything is delicious. But you know wedding in a restaurant, of course it is not as prestigious as in Hotel..
6th Floor Ballroom
View from outside

More selection is more confusing!


Choosing The Venue (2)

Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011

I and Bf spent last Saturday and Sunday busy from Hotels to Hotels searching for venue. We eliminated hotels that are too expensive, which include Kempinski, Mulia, and Shangri-La. So we went to these hotels:

Saturday :
1. Sari Pan Pacific Hotel
2. Sultan Hotel
3. Ciputra Hotel

1. Swis-Belhotel
2. Went back Ciputra Hotel to see real wedding
3. Borobudur Hotel

Sari Pan Pacific location is very strategic, but sadly their ballroom is too small, it will be very crowded for 600 guests.

Sultan Hotel has a very large ballroom, but the ambiance is dark and gloomy. There are lots of big tree, and the lighting doesn't really help.

Ciputra has 2 ballrooms that can be used. One is for 500 guests (standing), and the other one is for 1500 guests (standing). The first one has low ceiling, and the bigger one has 9 meter ceiling.

Swis-Belhotel has operated for only 2 years. It looks new and nice. It also has 2 ballrooms. The one in 3rd floor is smaller for 550 guests (standing), and 6th floor is the grand ballroom for up to 2000 guests (standing).

Borobudur has lots of ballrooms. From small, medium, poolside, and large. The small one has low ceiling so we don't like it. So as the medium one. The poolside we didn't get the chance to see because it already closed at 8 PM. The large one is the grand ballroom which can handle up to 1500 guests (standing). The grand ballroom is very nice, and the selection of food is better that the other hotels I went yesterday. Too bad the price is out of our budget.

Out of the five hotels, we consider to choose either Ciputra or Swis-Belhotel. We made a pro-contra table between the two:
- The ballroom size is almost the same.
- Ciputra is an older hotel, and connected to mall so it will find to find parking spots especially on Sunday!
- I also looking at the empty decor of the room. The colour of carpets and walls, one is red and gold, the other one is darker gray.
- And the fact that Swis-Belhotel has higher price.

Eeny meeny mineey moo... which one to choose?

Ciputra Hotel - Dian Ballroom

Swis-Belhotel - Jasmine Ballroom (6th floor)


The Church: Document list

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011

My bf took a day off yesterday and he went to the church. As agreed before we chose the Chapel than the church. The ceremony will be held at 10 AM. The thing that worries us is that the guests will have trouble to find parking spot due to the Sunday mass which is held at 9 AM and 11.30 AM. Hm... what can we do, we just have to deal with it if we want to have the ceremony on Sunday.

We were thinking of having lunch buffet after the ceremony in the Church's auditorium. The rent costs IDR6.5 mil (2011). I think it covers electricity and air conditioner.

Here is the list of documents need to be submitted:
PS: I have to post it in Indonesian, because I do not know most of the term in English (sorry).

u/ KPP (Kursus Persiapan Pernikahan) :  
1. Foto 4x3 3 lembar  
2. Fotokopi surat baptis  
3. Membayar biaya administrasi

u/ Kanonik : (max 6 bulan sebelum pernikahan karena expired setelah 6 bulan)  
1. Foto 4x6 berdampingan 3 lembar  
2. Fotokopi KTP  
3. Fotokopi KK katolik 
4. Fotokopi KTP saksi di altar
5. Fotokopi sertifikat KPP  
6. Surat Permandian yang diperbaharui


The Date: Finally chosen

Before, I have two options for the wedding date. One in September (Saturday) and one in October (Sunday). After surveying on the venue, apparently the one in September is mostly booked. So we chose to do it on October. Besides, Chinese culture said that Sunday is a better day to have a wedding. Also our relatives that live outside Jakarta do not have to rush the flight on work-day Friday. October it is!

I purchased 'Weddingku' magazine. It contains quite complete vendor advertisement: bridal, photography, catering, make up, venue, decor, invitation, etc. Just what I need :)


Choosing The Venue

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello I'm back from Hongkong. The trip was Hongkong - Shenzhen - Guilin - Macau - Hongkong. It was exhausting.

Back to wedding prep-stuff. With date and time of the wedding in hand, the next thing on the list is to determine the size of the wedding. We were OK with 300 guests seating dinner held in Semarang.

We went to visit the church. It is our usual church. Unfortunately the the church schedule is booked for September 2012, but the Chapel is still available. So we looked at the Chapel and we fell in love with it. It was small but enough for 200 persons. It is more modest  compared to the big church building. So we decided to have the matrimony at the Chapel.

One day after our church visit, I received news that my bf's parents wants to have the reception here in Jakarta! What a change of plan. This means that the size of the wedding will change and both parents need to re-calculate the invitation list.

His parents still want to have a sitting dinner while my parents think that seating dinner is troublesome. Reasons are:
1. Number of guests are limited (max 300)
2. Number of guests have to be fixed for the table arrangements
3. The duration will be too long for the guests (minimum 2 hours seating)
4. More expensive!

My parents worried that their invitation will be more than 300 persons, while my bf's mother kind of insist of having a seating dinner. Wew.. So These 3 days we were busy searching for venue.

I found 2 venues which could hold up to 400 persons with reasonable price. So tonight we will visit the venue, and check if the date selected is available. Hopefully the in-laws agree with the price and location *finger crossed*


I didn't have time to write before, so I will review the place now.
The place is Shang Palace Restaurant in Shangri-la Hotel.
The food is very nice, and it already has nice decor so we don't need to add much. The down side is for 400 guests we have to separate the guests table. Some in the main restaurant, some in VIP room, and others in an another room which could fit 10 tables. Also for that reason, not all tables could see the stage which blocked by pillars and walls, so we have to place LCD or projector all over the place.

Overall we will keep this place in mind, just in case we decided to have a simple dinner party instead of big wedding reception.

Shang Palace Restaurant


Hongkong Wedding

Posted on Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last night I attended my cousin's wedding in Hongkong. It was so different compared to Indonesian way. It is more intimate and long... :p

Why was it long? before it lasted for 5 hours!

It began with the bride and groom signing the marriage letter at 6.30 pm. It was a short ceremony for only about 15 minutes. After that is minggle time. The guests were served with finger food and wines. The bride and groom were waiting at the stage to take pictures with the guests. So the guests have to lined up to get their shots.

Only at 8.00 pm, we were ushered in to find our table. The table was pre-arranged and we have to find our own seats. And only after 8.30 pm, the dinner gala starts.

The newly wedded marched to enter the dinner gala. They gave a little speech to welcome the guests. First 2 course were up. After that video of the bride and groom's childhood were shown, followed by video of their relationship journey. And then another 2 meals were served. After that both of their fathers came up to give their speech. The father of the groom spoke in Mandarin chinese and Indonesian, while the bride's father spoke in Cantonese and English. It was a very touching moment as they talked about their feeling about the marriage. The bride's father said that it was like he is losing her daughter. Very emotional moment. I shared a little tears eventho I can only understand a little since he spoke mostly in cantonese and chinese. :)

After the fathers stepped down, both the groom and the bride gave their response including giving their parents a flower bucket. The dinner continued.

After another plate of meal, the groom stopped the dinner for a while as he stepped up to the podium to tell that he has a little surprise for the bride. He showed a recording of the bride's parents sang 'I love you just the way you are', followed by all the besties and his own voice singing. The bride can't help herself and cried a little. Nice one groomie!

After the surprise, the happy couple, both parents, bridesmaid and best-men gather together and hold a glass of champagne or wine. They then came to each table one by one to raise a toast, not forgetting a little dancing on the way.

It was almost 11.30 pm before the last 2 dishes were served. It was the dessert! Unfortunately the older generation were too tired to wait for it, so I have to end it early too. bye bye dessert...

When I asked the groom's parents when was the dinner actually ended, they said it was until around 12.30 pm! See, 5 hours!

After all, the wedding ceremony and dinner were different from what I used to have in Indonesia. It was more intimate and warm. I like it ^_^

Big 'Thank you' to all my family to bring me along to Hongkong to experience this.
Happy wedding for the newly wed, Ken & Serena, may you live happy ever after.
Suckling Pig - First meal served


Church & To do list

Today my mum called on my usual local church to ask if the my chosen matrimony date is still available. The admin person told us to come to the church secretariat in person to talk about it because there will be a list of item that need to be fulfilled. Since my family and I are going to Hongkong tomorrow for my cousin's wedding, so we're afraid that we have to postpone it until next week. But my dad seems so excited about all this and said that he will go to the secretariat today.. we'll see what happens.

Last night I bumped into my college buddy, Henry. To my surprise he just got married a week ago! He said he's sorry that he forgot the invite me. Everything is chaotic and hectic that he forgot to invite all of the college friends. And then he gave me wedding-to-do-list and wedding-vendor-list in Jakarta. Thanks buddy!

Here is the to do list for 6 - 12 months before D-day:
  • Choose the wedding date and time
  • Determine the size of the wedding 
  • Reserve the venue for reception and matrimony
  • Determine wedding theme and style
  • Choose colour and ambience (romantic/classic/traditional/etc)
  • Plan the budget
  • Guest list! Start to write down names and address of the guests
  • Start to survey and choose wedding gown
  • Survey and start to order wedding ring
  • Survey and start to choose caterer
  • Choose photographer and videographer
  • Survey and start to choose MC
  • Survey and start to choose florist and decorator


The Beginning

Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm getting married!

I and bf started dating in July 2010, and only a couple weeks ago his parents asked when are we going to get married. NO PROPOSAL from bf, as I already expected. Indonesian tradition marriage is all about parents get together and talk about their own child. Quite disappointment, but I think I can accept it now.

 So, my parents sat down together with his parents on Oct 1st 2011, and they started talk on dates! And only a week after I received dates for everything: parents proposal date, engagement date, and marriage date.

Initially we were thinking of having Engagement Party in Jakarta, followed by Holly matrimony and Reception in Semarang, with 3 months time gap. But then my mom had inputs from her family that having 2 parties going to spend lots of money, which is such a waste.

And so the decision up to now is to have Holly matrimony in Jakarta, and Reception in Semarang, with 2 weeks gap. This decision is still discussed with the in-laws. Hopefully they will agree.