Paw It Forward - The Berry Story

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello, my name is Berry and I am 3 years old.

People often mistaken me for a boy because of my name, but I'm A GIRL!

I used to be a very scared little girl and I am still.

Why, you asked? 

Let me tell you. Have you ever been born as the unwanted kid? My mom got married by accident with the neighbor's very handsome Puddle, my dad of course. When the owner knew that my mom is pregnant they were really surprised because in the house they already have 3 dogs.

When I was born I have 3 siblings. They all having white fur, very pretty like my mom and dad. 
PS. My mom is a Shih Tzu

Can you imagine how pretty and cute the other kids are?

But me? I am the only one grey!

They all scolded me for being the ugly duckling.

When they eat I was the only one last. After they finished, then I will eat. Oh, did I mentioned that I also got really sick that they have to hospitalized me?

I used to be this angry to everyone

After 3 months, the owner decided that they cannot handle too many dogs in the house so they gave away my siblings.

Guess what? Nobody picked me!

Until I was about 6-7 months old, finally came my current owner.

I was scared. I was barking like crazy. I let no one touched me. 

But this owner insisted to take me (I don't know why) so they took me. 

Apparently they just lost a dog to a dog-thief. Guess what? I was the only dog there! They treated me like princess (even tho' they were trying to change my name to Cherry so it will be girly-like.. Eek, I don't want to)

They treated me with kind and gentle. I have so many food that I don't have to share. 
Best of all, they took me to saloon every now and then. I feel very pretty ^_^

Now I am really happy :D

But I still take extra cautious with stranger. I still don't trust them (especially boys which reminds me of that doctors who gave me injection when I was hospitalized). So I'm sorry if I still barks a lot and afraid of thunder. After all I am just a small dog...

Pleaseeeeeee help my friends who are stranded in on the street and shelter. I know how it feels to be the ugly one, the unwanted one. So help them, and you'll make them and me happier than ever :)

Oh and I heard this is a photo competition and a dog named Dexter will pick the winner? Here let him see my face in close up so he can smell my nose. Hope to Win ^_--

Sorry a little bit blur


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Semoga menang ^_^