Random thoughts

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saw this randomly from FB's shares.. It kicked me a little inside...

Age 104 old man and his age 100 wife, they are poor, they have been married for 81 years and have never had a group photo. When the old lady dress up the wedding dress, old man so happy to hug his wife, and said his wife is so beautiful ~

Simple is not necessarily the best, but the best must be simple.
Happiness is that simple!

Sometimes (or maybe more than just some-time), I complained about my dress, and my pre-wedding photos (It took me the 3rd time before I finally satisfied!), and other wedding stuff I'm not happy about. Now that pictures got me thinking... after one day, nobody will care about the dress, nor the decoration, nor the food right? The lifetime marriage; the new life with the man that I love; that should be my focus right now.

*Semoga bisa langgeng, bahagia, dan sehat sampe tua, kayak kakek dan nenek itu. Amieen*


  1. Hi! Kunjungan balik :)

    Seneng deh baca blog lo, jadi keinget-inget waktu jaman wedding prep dulu.

    Btw, dulu pas masih wedding prep, kalo ada hal-hal yang nggak sesuai dengan keinginan hati, pasti gue mencoba berpikir bahwa wedding day is just one day, what matters the most is the marriage after the wedding day. Terus gue jadi berkurang betenya hehe...

    1. hohoho.. thanks yaa
      "what matters the most is the marriage after the wedding day" LIKE THIS!

  2. so sweet ya...
    emang yang penting itu gimana kita bisa tetep happy dalam kondisi apapun ya...

  3. ah semoga saya juga bisa bahagia hingga kakek nenek seperti mereka :D

  4. wah tinggal sebentar lagi ni hehe ^^

  5. 'duh terharu... mereka bersyukur dalam kesederhanaan.
    jadi malu karena gua selalu merasa kurang-kurang-kurang-kurang :-(

    1. yupp.. tp begitulah manusia, tidak pernah merasa cukup. Padahal rasa "cukup" itulah yang bisa membuat kita bahagia =)