Choosing The Venue (3)

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another venue review, apparently we have not stop searching..

1. Hotel Peninsula
The ballroom size is big enough for 800 persons standing. The strong point is the chandelier which I think is very nice. But the hotel itself looks quite old. The ballroom's wall and carpet looks a little worn. Also the carpet on the lobby looks a little dirty. The hotel has a club/bar which offers hourly room rate. Hmm...
The wedding package price is quite high, it is around Rp200mil for 600 persons standing.

Peninsula's Ballroom

2. Hotel Santika, Slipi
The location is a little bit out of sight. And the hotel from the outside looks empty. But when I get inside I got surprised by the nice view of the lobby and restaurant. It was Wednesday at 9 PM, and there was singer, baby grand piano, and another instrument playing jazz. Nice. The ballroom looks "just-OK". I prefer the chandelier at Peninsula Hotel, but overall from the lobby view and restaurant, plus the price that is still below Rp150mil nett, this is far better than Peninsula.

Santika Restaurant which connected to hotel lobby

3. Sentral Restaurant Ballroom
This is a new building in Season City complex, North Jakarta. It has 3 floors. The first one is used as restaurant, the 2nd floor is a ballroom, and the 6th floor is the grand ballroom. The price of all is still below Rp100mil for 600 persons standing buffet. The food is the same as Sentral Tomang, which is a very plus point for it. I love Sentral's food. Almost everything is delicious. But you know wedding in a restaurant, of course it is not as prestigious as in Hotel..
6th Floor Ballroom
View from outside

More selection is more confusing!

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