Choosing The Venue (4)

Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Choosing the Venue still continues!!

Next is Alila Hotel and Red Top Hotel. Both are located at Pecenongan district, Central Jakarta.

1. Alila Hotel
Alila is a nice new hotel with minimalist design. The ballroom size is medium size for 400 persons standing + 500 persons standing at the hall (full carpets). Unfortunately the parking spot is so limited that the guests will most likely to have trouble finding out where to park. They should've thinking about this before opening up a hotel!

Alila ballroom

2. Red Top Hotel
The ballroom is huge, could fit up to 1500 persons standing, but they could divide it to two rooms for 600 and 400 persons. The price is reasonable also. The hotel lobby is comfortable with lots of sofas, plus they have 3 storeys parking lot + additional parking spot outside the hotel. Nice!

Red Top Ballroom
We will consider this as our option :)

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