Choosing The Venue: Chosen!

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The venue is finally chosen!


It is in a 4 star Hotel in North Jakarta *let's not spoil the fun of telling where it is =D*

Funny how we didn't choose the place based on all the places I have posted before. Other places are either too small, too close, too crowded, or too expensive! But this one is perfect! The location is not too far or not too close to my house, and people are generally should know the place. The parking space is huuuuuuggeeee and I'm not even exaggerating. The ballroom is very spacious. With a 9 m ceiling x 30 m length, it could be split into 3 smaller rooms, and if merge together can handle up to 1500 persons. What I love abut it is even for 600 persons we still can have the whole ballroom. We even think of using 2 merged rooms because we think it's too large. We'll see how it goes after discus with the decor & WO people.

Here is the sneak peak of the ballroom. My dad captured it during other people's wedding =P

It's only a matter of decor now..

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  1. Hey, Roses or Lily (nggak tau siapa namanya)! Kamu itu sebenernya siapa? Jangan-jangan kita kenal. Hehe.
    Itu di foto, weddingnya temen gereja gw, and I was there! My bf got the hand bouquet :p
    OK tuh venue itu. :)

  2. @Bendi: my name is Mel (kan ada di wedding count down). Ituuu.. sebenernyaa... sayaa... cuma dateng buat liat venue n poto2 dekor, gak kenal sama yg merit (=P) makanya dateng sorean sebelom pesta di mula. Hows the food Be? I myself haven't tried the food from that venue >_<