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Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9 - 11 December 2011 - Wedding Fair Exhibition at JCC.

I went there on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I got nothing. Me and bf almost booked a Photo Booth to be used as a souvenir, but apparently it wasn't a good idea for old people who most likely to be our guests (read: family and friends of parents). So we ended up with nothing.

On Saturday we were back at the exhibition together with my parents. And we got a DECOR!
We decided to use decor by Golden Decoration. We chose Golden because it is the decorator for my cousin's wedding 2 years ago. I think they has done a good job within a reasonable price too! Plus they offers a good term of payment :) When I asked my cousins about them, he said that they are good in communication but they are quite busy. Hey, who don't?! As long as they can be contacted it is good enough for me :)

Now move on to Photographer. To cut budget, we were thinking of using professional photographer only for the D-day and D-day videographer. And for pre-wedding we will use bf's brother who love and learning photography. Of course it is only a hobby for him, so he is still amateur :p. We think that pre-wedding is not that important, and besides we will get studio pre-wedding photo from the bridal. Butttttttt, we fell in love with one photographer that we met during the exhibition. He has package for Pre-wed, D-day, and D-day videography. Of course it doesn't come cheap. I tried to bargain with the owner but he only gave me 20%, which is the discount he gave at the exhibition, hiks.

I was thinking to meet him and do some more face-to-face bargain this Saturday. Hope he will give more discounts or bonuses.
Cek out Lucephotography on Facebook. What do you think?


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