Souvenir Ideas (2)

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boss is not around. Time for blog-walking.. =D

I visit Daniel & Dian blog. I love the way she wrote the story and it made me think of writing my blog in Indonesian. It is going to be easier to write, easier to express the words, and.. well just easier. But hey, I already start in english, so english it is! Besides, who knows my friends from Aussie / Malay / Sgp read this *wink wink*.

I read the story when Dian went hunting for souvenir, and this story makes me wonder.

So far I never really think about souvenir. I thought ANYTHING can be used as souvenir. People usually do not use the wedding souvenir anyway, unless it is food which of course eatable. The only wedding souvenir that I used from all so many wedding I've been is a milk-mug and a bath towel. Why did I say it is a milk-mug? because it is too big for tea or coffee, and it is not a glass for drinking juice or water. So it is a milk-mug. The bath towel is from by boss' wedding, which seems to be expensive. Other souvenir like chopstick, magnets, small glass, keychain, candles... I'm sorry, but I didn't know where they are right now =P

The 'Milk-mug'

One souvenir that I think is kinda stupid *sorry* is a plant. Yes, it is for go-green.. whatever.. Think of this, from hundreds of plants that they give away as souvenir, how many do you think will survive? Especially if it is a cactus. First, Chinese people believes that cactus brings a bad fengshui into the house, I'm not sure why but perhaps because it has lots of thorns. Second, it is a cactus. Helloww,, Jakartaa... hot... humidd... and it's a cactuss!!! D'ocH!!

Back to the main story. Now we have to decide whether we want something easy and simple (read: people will discard it or give to their maid) or we want something useful (read: probably will be expensive). Unless, if we could find something useful that is not expensive. Bare in mind that both of us have little-to-no creativity. So no DIY stuff!

think.. mel... think... *Pooh's style*


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