The Beginning

Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm getting married!

I and bf started dating in July 2010, and only a couple weeks ago his parents asked when are we going to get married. NO PROPOSAL from bf, as I already expected. Indonesian tradition marriage is all about parents get together and talk about their own child. Quite disappointment, but I think I can accept it now.

 So, my parents sat down together with his parents on Oct 1st 2011, and they started talk on dates! And only a week after I received dates for everything: parents proposal date, engagement date, and marriage date.

Initially we were thinking of having Engagement Party in Jakarta, followed by Holly matrimony and Reception in Semarang, with 3 months time gap. But then my mom had inputs from her family that having 2 parties going to spend lots of money, which is such a waste.

And so the decision up to now is to have Holly matrimony in Jakarta, and Reception in Semarang, with 2 weeks gap. This decision is still discussed with the in-laws. Hopefully they will agree.

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