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Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello I'm back from Hongkong. The trip was Hongkong - Shenzhen - Guilin - Macau - Hongkong. It was exhausting.

Back to wedding prep-stuff. With date and time of the wedding in hand, the next thing on the list is to determine the size of the wedding. We were OK with 300 guests seating dinner held in Semarang.

We went to visit the church. It is our usual church. Unfortunately the the church schedule is booked for September 2012, but the Chapel is still available. So we looked at the Chapel and we fell in love with it. It was small but enough for 200 persons. It is more modest  compared to the big church building. So we decided to have the matrimony at the Chapel.

One day after our church visit, I received news that my bf's parents wants to have the reception here in Jakarta! What a change of plan. This means that the size of the wedding will change and both parents need to re-calculate the invitation list.

His parents still want to have a sitting dinner while my parents think that seating dinner is troublesome. Reasons are:
1. Number of guests are limited (max 300)
2. Number of guests have to be fixed for the table arrangements
3. The duration will be too long for the guests (minimum 2 hours seating)
4. More expensive!

My parents worried that their invitation will be more than 300 persons, while my bf's mother kind of insist of having a seating dinner. Wew.. So These 3 days we were busy searching for venue.

I found 2 venues which could hold up to 400 persons with reasonable price. So tonight we will visit the venue, and check if the date selected is available. Hopefully the in-laws agree with the price and location *finger crossed*


I didn't have time to write before, so I will review the place now.
The place is Shang Palace Restaurant in Shangri-la Hotel.
The food is very nice, and it already has nice decor so we don't need to add much. The down side is for 400 guests we have to separate the guests table. Some in the main restaurant, some in VIP room, and others in an another room which could fit 10 tables. Also for that reason, not all tables could see the stage which blocked by pillars and walls, so we have to place LCD or projector all over the place.

Overall we will keep this place in mind, just in case we decided to have a simple dinner party instead of big wedding reception.

Shang Palace Restaurant

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