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Posted on Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last night I attended my cousin's wedding in Hongkong. It was so different compared to Indonesian way. It is more intimate and long... :p

Why was it long? before it lasted for 5 hours!

It began with the bride and groom signing the marriage letter at 6.30 pm. It was a short ceremony for only about 15 minutes. After that is minggle time. The guests were served with finger food and wines. The bride and groom were waiting at the stage to take pictures with the guests. So the guests have to lined up to get their shots.

Only at 8.00 pm, we were ushered in to find our table. The table was pre-arranged and we have to find our own seats. And only after 8.30 pm, the dinner gala starts.

The newly wedded marched to enter the dinner gala. They gave a little speech to welcome the guests. First 2 course were up. After that video of the bride and groom's childhood were shown, followed by video of their relationship journey. And then another 2 meals were served. After that both of their fathers came up to give their speech. The father of the groom spoke in Mandarin chinese and Indonesian, while the bride's father spoke in Cantonese and English. It was a very touching moment as they talked about their feeling about the marriage. The bride's father said that it was like he is losing her daughter. Very emotional moment. I shared a little tears eventho I can only understand a little since he spoke mostly in cantonese and chinese. :)

After the fathers stepped down, both the groom and the bride gave their response including giving their parents a flower bucket. The dinner continued.

After another plate of meal, the groom stopped the dinner for a while as he stepped up to the podium to tell that he has a little surprise for the bride. He showed a recording of the bride's parents sang 'I love you just the way you are', followed by all the besties and his own voice singing. The bride can't help herself and cried a little. Nice one groomie!

After the surprise, the happy couple, both parents, bridesmaid and best-men gather together and hold a glass of champagne or wine. They then came to each table one by one to raise a toast, not forgetting a little dancing on the way.

It was almost 11.30 pm before the last 2 dishes were served. It was the dessert! Unfortunately the older generation were too tired to wait for it, so I have to end it early too. bye bye dessert...

When I asked the groom's parents when was the dinner actually ended, they said it was until around 12.30 pm! See, 5 hours!

After all, the wedding ceremony and dinner were different from what I used to have in Indonesia. It was more intimate and warm. I like it ^_^

Big 'Thank you' to all my family to bring me along to Hongkong to experience this.
Happy wedding for the newly wed, Ken & Serena, may you live happy ever after.
Suckling Pig - First meal served

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