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Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011

I and Bf spent last Saturday and Sunday busy from Hotels to Hotels searching for venue. We eliminated hotels that are too expensive, which include Kempinski, Mulia, and Shangri-La. So we went to these hotels:

Saturday :
1. Sari Pan Pacific Hotel
2. Sultan Hotel
3. Ciputra Hotel

1. Swis-Belhotel
2. Went back Ciputra Hotel to see real wedding
3. Borobudur Hotel

Sari Pan Pacific location is very strategic, but sadly their ballroom is too small, it will be very crowded for 600 guests.

Sultan Hotel has a very large ballroom, but the ambiance is dark and gloomy. There are lots of big tree, and the lighting doesn't really help.

Ciputra has 2 ballrooms that can be used. One is for 500 guests (standing), and the other one is for 1500 guests (standing). The first one has low ceiling, and the bigger one has 9 meter ceiling.

Swis-Belhotel has operated for only 2 years. It looks new and nice. It also has 2 ballrooms. The one in 3rd floor is smaller for 550 guests (standing), and 6th floor is the grand ballroom for up to 2000 guests (standing).

Borobudur has lots of ballrooms. From small, medium, poolside, and large. The small one has low ceiling so we don't like it. So as the medium one. The poolside we didn't get the chance to see because it already closed at 8 PM. The large one is the grand ballroom which can handle up to 1500 guests (standing). The grand ballroom is very nice, and the selection of food is better that the other hotels I went yesterday. Too bad the price is out of our budget.

Out of the five hotels, we consider to choose either Ciputra or Swis-Belhotel. We made a pro-contra table between the two:
- The ballroom size is almost the same.
- Ciputra is an older hotel, and connected to mall so it will find to find parking spots especially on Sunday!
- I also looking at the empty decor of the room. The colour of carpets and walls, one is red and gold, the other one is darker gray.
- And the fact that Swis-Belhotel has higher price.

Eeny meeny mineey moo... which one to choose?

Ciputra Hotel - Dian Ballroom

Swis-Belhotel - Jasmine Ballroom (6th floor)

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